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USJobPlace Affiliate Program is specifically designed to develop, grow and support your business. As an USJobPlace partner, you can take our job search and jobs feed solutions to market in a way that fits your business and your client’s need because that’s the way we deliver them to our own customers.

By integrating USJobPlace job search tool and links on your site, members can earn commissions for the traffic they drive to USJobPlace.

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Get started by joining hundreds of publishers who include USJobPlace content on their websites.

Search Jobs Api
With our Search Jobs Api, you can easily create your own job site in no time.Choose where you want the jobs to appear, all with the look and feel of your own site.

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Search Jobs Widget
Start here by building your own customizable job widget to search jobs and display job postings on your website. Simply copy and paste the code we provide and view job listing.

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Using our XML or RSS feed is the fastest way to get your jobs on USJobPlace. The basic service is FREE for employers, agencies, job boards, career centers with an active USJobPlace account.

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